Developing Third World Countries Through Science and Technology

Third world countries are considered to be the poorest countries on the globe. They are the countries that rely mostly on international aid to meet with most of their needs for the sake of keeping the economies of the countries running. The countries are faced with plenty of challenges as far as keeping up with the needs of their populations is concerned. Without aid, it would be practically impossible for the countries to rise from their troubles and to make strides towards being developed and out of the third world country category.

When a country suffers, lots of its sectors suffer too and education is one of the sectors that suffer. In the poor countries, it is a challenge for some children to go to school for lack of basic needs including food and school fees. Even in areas that the education is offered for free, some of the locals will still be ignorant of the importance of getting their children educated. The free education is a relief, but then for some it might lack the quality that it deserves to transform the children into meaningful individuals in the future. Remote areas in poor countries tend to suffer the most since even the funding extended does not reach them. You will therefore find that such areas remain poor and anguished for years on end.

Science and Technology solution

A country can rise from the ashes of poverty through science and technology. This is because the field leads to innovations and inventions as well as basic solutions to most issues faced by the countries. A country that has well grounded education in science and technology can find solutions and make changes in terms of developments. This is a field that can change the status of a country from a country that once relied on aid and relief funds to a country that is independent and one that can actually contribute to the development of the world in general.

This makes it important for science and technology to be handled with the seriousness it deserves even in the remotest of areas on third world countries. Considering that the countries might not be in a position to make it happen for the little growing minds in the remote schools, science and technology equipment donations can make a difference. The equipment improves on the quality of education on a sector that can propel a country into success and growth. Anybody and everybody offer a helping hand to the third world countries through non-profit organizations.

The organizations accept all kinds of donations from monetary to the equipment donations to deliver to the remote poor schools needing them the most. The equipment vary from science, physics, chemistry to biology to improve on the education quality. Computers and laptops also make to the list of most needed equipment for science and technology improvements. You can choose to buy new equipment, donate your old equipment or give money to make it possible for the organizations buy what is needed.

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Extending Science and Technology to the Less Fortunate

Education is very important at all the levels. It is what grows every child into an achiever in the future doing what he or she is best in and loves doing. In as much as the theory classes are important in ensuring that the children get the concepts of what they are learning, it becomes even easier for them when they can see models of what they are learning or get to put into practice what they have learnt in class through experiments or practical classes. It is for this reason that schools have chemistry labs, physics lab and even biology labs and computer labs. They are all intended to help them put into practice what they have learnt.

The Problem

Unfortunately, not all children get access to the facilities that they need to make learning complete. This is can be as a result of a school being too remote and in a poor setting lacking the equipment that is needed to open the possibilities for the young ones. Developing countries or third world countries also find it hard to reach out to all the schools especially those in remote areas. This means that while some children have every educative material that they need to make learning high in quality, some miss out on this. They are hungry for education, but there is no way out for them.

From such unfortunate groups, the science geniuses needed to find world solutions to different issues or the doctors that will come up with cures for some of the most deadly diseases could come. When they lack proper education therefore, the future is compromised. Science and technology is basically what the world needs to develop even further and it can make a whole difference even in developing countries. Apart from making it possible for the children to solve their own problems, science and technology makes it possible for them to solve community problems and even world problems. The future definitely lies in the hands of the little ones and everything needs to be done to protect it.

Part of the Solution

Reaching out to the less fortunate countries, schools and to the deserving children is part of the science and technology solution that is needed to take the world higher. Through non-profit organizations dedicated to making sure that children get an education and quality education for that matter, you can now extend science and technology to those who lack and yet need it the most. The donations can be in the form of anatomy models, microscopes, laptops and computers, physics kits, chemistry sets, astronomy equipment and models as well as other general school science equipment.

The equipment can be bought and donated to the organizations. You can also give out old equipment you have, such as computers and laptops for the education of the children in the remote schools. They give them the hands-on experiences they need when learning and this easily makes it easy for them to relate to what they have learned and even come up with great ideas that can change the world.

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High Demand Technology Solutions

In this competitive world, the latest technology services are available to small and medium-sized businesses, once only available to multinational companies. The proficient and competent IT companies have many years of experience, expertise, skills, certified network professionals, and integral partnerships that allows them to provide none but the best IT services and network technology solutions for their business. These days, the high demand technology solutions are network support, disaster recovery, cloud computing and VoIP solutions. If you have your own business, or running someone else’s transaction, you know that a company’s information is authentic and legal and could serve as a competitive benefit to excel in the industry. In today’s challenging and speedily moving world, it would be inadequate to have access of the data from office; in fact most of the businesses need access to information via applications, mobile devices and cloud. What would happen if the data is lost or can’t be retrieved in an emergency for a prolonged period of time? This is where disaster recovery plays its vital role, protects and retrieves the data in case of an emergency. Therefore, it is always advised to invest in a secure and proven IT solution because in the long run, it is affordable and gives a peace that the business will not go ruined due to an IT system crash.

Economic uncertainty has drifted the need for more responsive and secured IT infrastructures that are not only business centric but also environmentally friendly. Companies are struggling and battling hard to find the top-notch edge, heading to plenty of openings technology provides. There is nothing better at present to rethink of revamping technology strategy aiming on hosted solutions. Cloud computing has evolved as one of the main approaches to secure in today’s aspiring and competent market. The downtime means loss of essential sales with extended data loss in a real collapsing position. Technology branches across diversified industries face similar issues like personnel curtail, budget cuts, and putting pressure for technology to prove its value in acknowledging core business issues. In addition, IT departments run with a vague figure and considerably a blind vision into the future aiming high on regular network maintenance and spending huge amount of money keeping core systems fully functional and operational. This advent leaves no time for process improvements and innovation needed for fulfilling business strategic objectives.

The diverse potential of cloud computing makes it a very feasible solution to get rid of today’s critical business issues. Whether it is about improving data entry applications, restoring email systems or introducing new collaboration portals, everything is possible with the cloud. Earlier, engineers of different domains like security, database, applications, integration, and testing required staff to start and implement new initiatives. Nowadays, hosted solutions render all information without heavy staffing prices. Building and maintaining partnerships with authentic IT service providers deeply affects the success of a company. An efficient hosting provider will not only acts as an extension of an IT department but also is responsible for providing solutions to the business issues in a new and renewed strategic approach.

Technology efficacy and potency is never assured 100% by technocrats and everyone knows it will break at a certain level. Thus, to avoid a system downtime, business leaders look for network technology solutions to monitor their network. These days, IT service providers are professional, competent and deliver network support and maintenance services 24*7 to ensure efficiency and quality. Beware of the firms who may experiment to confuse you with slangs to sell at higher prices that may not be required. In fact, most of the IT service providers takes time to analyze and understand business objectives and after a defined time period, comes up with tailor-made solutions meeting client’s expectations. The main focus of them is to aim on their core business not on the technology.

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How the CRTC Will Influence Cloud Computing and Technology Adoption in Canada

A ruling by the CRTC has the potentially change the landscape and stump growth for consumer technology as well as business. As it currently stands there are internet service providers that offer a no bandwidth or unlimited internet usage. Fair use net policies exist a reasonable solution for when the network is stressed or being bombarded seems to be a reasonable compromise for most users. The new net-usage policy is based on how much bandwidth you consume.

For users that surf and research topics of interest and for email will not be impacted as much. The rest of internet users that watch videos online, stream and download music will be affected adversely. Internet capping of data rates and usage could affect how technology is used. Higher internet usage fees means that using technology such as your PC, net books, smart phones and iPads can rapidly drop if bandwidth usage is capped.

Services such as Netflix and TekSavvy that depend on internet usage can be influenced in a negative direction if usage is capped. Be prepared to pay more for monthly internet packages and as you scale up.

One of the problems that result will be that of business users that rely on VOIP for their global communication strategies. We recently received an email that we have consumed over 75% of our monthly bandwidth usage which was very surprising as we don’t stream or watch many videos online and this month not much if any streaming has occurred. It then occurred to me that Skype and VoIP are included in bandwidth usage. How will this impact on Vonage users and will this change the way Vonage will be billed and will users revert back to phone service for their business communication needs? How much will your cell phone package go up a month if that usage is capped, business users should brace themselves as their cell packages will increase. Business users that use the net from their smart phones will definitely be impacted. Will paying more for internet surfing impact the way iPads are used in Canada thus limiting adoption, how much will small business owners suffer with these new regulations? This one aspect of this decision.

Another major impact that may result is the adoption of cloud computing or SaaS for vendors. The products of cloud and SaaS vendors can be impacted especially for small businesses who are more prone to adopt cloud based technology. If you are currently using Salesforce, Plex, Netsuite another ERP, CRM or any other enterprise software that is cloud/SaaS based may be in for a surprise in their upcoming bills at least in Canada. This constitutes bandwidth usage so will this influence cloud adoption for enterprise software adoption and by how much especially with services such as backup/storage services, IT as a service and other outsourced services could possibly be affected and what about gaming? Will sales of video game consoles decrease because not only will games have to be purchased but now online usage will be charged based on usage especially length of time when joining gaming communities and participating in perpetual forums.

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